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The Parker “51” is one of the most successful pens ever produced.In a poll by the Illinois Institute of Technology, it was voted the fourth best industrial design of the twentieth century.Someone was advertising a restored “51” with a gold-filled cap and burgundy barrel.It was exactly like my father’s, or at least I thought so.

The body was sleek and the material used was Lucite, a very stable and durable plastic material needed to withstand the high acidity of the special Parker “51” ink uniquely developed for this pen.This was followed by further introduction in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver and the state of Wisconsin. Parker developed its own special ink to be used only with the Parker “51”, that was fast drying, highly waterproof, sunfast and had brighter colors, appropriately named “Parker 51 Ink”, which came in four colors; Early pre-production pens were produced in all of the colors that went later into mass production, including the rarer colors such as Yellowstone Yellow, Nassau Green and Bucskin Beige.The pre-production pens do differ in shades of colors, with the Nassau Green being the most distinguishable, being a much deeper green.When the pen arrived, I was surprised at how different it looked from my father’s.It had an obviously older looking clip with a blue diamond, and for the life of me, I could not unscrew that barrel to fill it! Over the next few months I discovered that this was a Vacumatic filling “51” versus my father’s old Aerometric filling “51”. Months later, I saw a classified ad in an antiques newspaper, advertising old fountain pens for sale.

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