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In fewer words: softshell is soft, foldable, breathable, weather-resistant, and provides its own light insulation.

Its clean, polished aesthetic even influences luxury outerwear today. Introduced by Du Pont in the 1930’s, nylon (the most famous brand name for “polyamide”) first found a home making women’s stockings before proving its technical chops in Allied parachutes during World War 2. As you can imagine, tightly woven plastic can do a pretty good job at keeping out the elements.

As you might guess, buying individual layers gets expensive quickly.

To the uninitiated, choosing the right winter jacket can feel like wandering in a blizzard.

Inundated by tech specs, numbed by price tags, and frozen by an ever-expanding list of acronyms that really just mean “this should keep you dry.” It’s enough to put even the most confident buyer on ice.

That being said: if you want the weather to Imagine a rain jacket. While nylon may not be as breathable as softshell or as comfortable against skin as an organic fabric, its weather-proof properties make it the predominant face fabric in the world of winter jackets.

Case in point: nylon is often the face fabric to which a GORE-TEX waterproof membrane is attached.

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