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At the time, Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” and Mayer’s “No Such Thing” and “Why Georgia” were climbing the charts. Mayer continued his streak of dating gorgeous singers when he hooked up with hottie Jessica Simpson.

They were spotted together in New York on New Year’s Eve where they were spotted by paparazzi.

So the night of her birthday she had dinner with [hairdresser] Ken Paves and a few friends.

Everyone thought John would forget her birthday, but then a gift arrived from him — it was a DVD of him in concert.

They split up and got back together, but it did not last long. We are talking about the star of the reality show Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay.

She was a waitress turned actress who was noticed by Mayer, and before long, they were together.

My thought process has always been: “Well, it’s not like she’s totally helpless, she’s got some semblance of a career, lots of guys want to date her, she seems sweet, she’s got stuff going for her.” Lately, though, I’ve been feeling outright pity for Jess. Apparently, when Jess was with Mayer, he gave her horrible birthday present too.

An insider said, “Several years ago when he was dating Jessica Simpson, he couldn’t go to her birthday party because he was on tour.

His last reported relationship was Katy Perry and their on-again-off-again fling.

Mayer is fueling rumors with his recent comments on her Instagram page. Thanks." Halsey responded to his comment, “@johnmayer wrote u a song with the help hotline # in the chorus.” John is also liking several photos on her Instagram, including one of her dressed as a sexy Poison Ivy for Halloween. 🎉 A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey) on Last year, Halsey opened up about meeting John, telling Billboard, “I met John Mayer at a bar. "If I think something is funny, I run it by him first, because he's a comedic genius.

On the same day she posted her video, John responded to her YSL Beauty lipstick ad, writing on Instagram, “It's saying that my billing address doesn't match with the one of my credit card? On the same social media platform, Halsey recently shared a text exchange with John about their birthdays. Not to be confused with 2 weeks ago where I drunkenly thought it was John Mayer’s birthday. He'll tell me if it's funny, but he'll tell me if it's not.

Jessica spent the rest of the night watching the DVD on a loop, ‘being with him.’ It was so sad.” A rep for Mayer declined to comment. As the tabloids try to make some noise about a possible Jessica Simpson-Nick Lachey reunion, I tend to think a John Mayer-Jessica reunion is much more likely.

[From Page Six] Dude, whatever happened to sending a girl flowers? And why did Jessica have to sit around watching the damn DVD? Even though I’m not sure if John was texting Jessica while she was still Tony, I suspect he is now.

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