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haha Everyone is looking for the foreigner fruit that tastes better than their local's famous also because people of ex soviet union countries or people of Arabs countries can't imagine doing that , are chocked ,think this place is very dirty ,it stinks their . That the kiss that they do ,other countries often don't do .naughty meaning ,double meaning .i just wonder why so many white guys come to China to find girlfriends? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FEAR THE FOREIGNERS!!! I think Chinese girls usually judge your asset, education more than your personality.don't tell me they can not find girlfriends in their own countries.... For example, I am a humour person, I have my own comedy shows on youtube, I do not think Chinese girls would think some of my jokes Canada ,now you will see nothing ,it's 30 years later that's happen 2040. He was Spoken in this way about girls : I have a big steminia ,i want a girl with big legs and big ass that can last my steminia hou hou . He was talking like an animal that want flesh a sophisticated way .They do babies 2 times more than we do .30 years after ,imagine ,your population grow normally , their population size multiplied two . Some young chinese (ehh not all of them )make me angry , i hear that often ,i will make my MBA degree after my toefl ,then i will work as a manager ,and buy me a Canadian green card after . A western country is one of their province now dream . Somebody from England France Germany will not spoken like that .actually i should say this is the case for myself... well i just wanted to know im 19 from texas and i have a chinese boy as a penpal and he jokes about me coming to china ^^, but recently he has been talking about it more and more he even said he would pick me up Beijing Capital International Airport .in China, i did not have a gf, as i am from poor family.. he isnt mean am i a bad preson because of this =( you check that with Wikipedia you ,ha ha .

They stole other country companies that some where England Italy or other country industry identity , for nearly a century . Seriously, it's an English term, your English sucks... I have read all of the above and have become very dissillusioned i thought that all chinese were beautifull now i find that if they are rich they eat a lot because they like to be fat, and a lot of them are loud, is this really true.Indigenous people have no contribution to development,progress and modernize of those countries,they just came here earlier,but did nothing,without europeans,those places are still barbarian places with cannibal tribes,we have no need really to learning their jungle dancing and and wearing their poorly clothing. Seriously, ask any Native English speaker and they will say it's using your tongue to kiss because that's what it is. China, like all countries has many different types of people.West became civilized,modernized,advanced not because . China becoming modernized because they are learning from West. If thoses chinese went to West just look for better life and make use of fruits european ancestors given to western people,and those chinese have no intention to assimilate into west mainstream culture to making society more symphonious,or even intending to change it by excess number of chinese immigrants ,let them out or deport them,or west would end messed up like China. Admitedly it's much more conformist than the West but there are still lots of different types of people.In fact it’s not a French or a Belgium or a German or a Dutch ,he just has the nationality one hundred percent grow up in another country family this i have a big steminia . He didn’t make it smart ,can’t in fact ,with the Tibet talking ,and a Romanian sink the reputation of a western country . Here i see Turks pretended to be Belgium , Tunisians pretended to be French. I had plenty of foreigner immigrates friends Portuguese ex ussr arabs .He is a Portuguese or an Algerian or Tunisian or a Lebanon that hid it’s real familliy country , looks like . Arabians girls are so sensual .super At work i prefer to work with an Arab as an Italian ,they don’t sneak to the boss . I've had a couple of girlfriends of different Nationality and never seen much difference in Sex really...

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Poor when every body is rich ,rich when every body is in financial crisis . country side was Austrian or German before that’s our origins ancestos , now we live outside at the border of this country . Every website on the internet backs my points up and NO website I have seen ever mentions kissing the vagina as a french kiss... Didn't another famous German racist repeat the same lies again and again? By the way our country has gotten over emigration 20% and the people are intergrating and making the country more interesting if slightly poorer.

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