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Some of the images involved female children engaging in sex acts with adult males, said investigators.Detectives say they found multiple chat logs between Ahr and individuals, dating back to 2013, in which Ahr shared and sought graphic images and videos of children in sexual positions, bondage and engaged in sex acts with adults. I was once with this girl who I really loved very deeply. To make up for my sexual weakness, I would buy her expensive gifts and take her to expensive clubs and restaurants.Let’s call her “Natalie” (sounds like her real name). I purchased books from dating “gurus” and took in all sorts of knowledge in the dating niche in order to maintain Natalie’s attraction towards me.I learned an extensive amount of information on manual penis enlargement techniques and exercises from some of the most experienced men in this area, including men who've added INCHES to their penis...In applying these techniques, I’ve safely and painlessly added an inch and a half to my own erection, and now have a much larger, heavier flaccid penis. Note: I also also learned a substantial amount on how to give women orgasms, one of the most important areas I had trouble with.

Police say Ahr told detectives that during one of these conversations, an unknown person sent him about one dozen child pornography images of girls who Ahr estimated to be approximately 13 years old.

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All the attraction “game” worked well at first, but the bad sex created such a hole in our relationship that no matter how “cocky and funny” I was, no matter how much “prizability” I gave myself, I just couldn’t make up for her lack of sexual satisfaction. I was deeply envious of this man that was able to physically lock down About a year later, I received a call from Natalie... and after I digested this gnawingly painful news I asked her why was it she left me: She said the only reason she left me was that I couldn't satisfy her in bed.

Little by little our relationship became more and more strained until I learned that she was cheating on me with another guy. She absolutely loved every other aspect of our relationship.

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I bumped into a mutual friend at a bar one night and he told me After hearing this devastating news, my life immediately came crumbling down, at least for the moment (and the following months)... While I was somewhat devastated to hear this news, at least it confirmed my suspicion: It’s the cold, hard truth, but needs to be said.

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