Dating dead men book review

At first, everyone draws the reasonable conclusion that David, who suffered from terminal cancer, died of natural causes.

But it seems that someone couldn’t wait for David’s death—he was shot in the head.

Each subject enlisted one or more discriminating friends to create her List and compose an ad to run in the Personals section of local newspapers, and/or the Internet. Even though these two storylines would be enough to make the novel interesting there is yet a third. At many times there was almost too much going on in the book at once and the novel may have flowed more smoothly without so many subplots.

The friends fielded responses, interrogated the men, and scheduled a preliminary meeting - what Fredreeq called the Drive-by --to determine, for instance, whether a prospect who claimed to be five nine was indeed five nine, and to allow the prospect to get a look at the woman in question. Cookie pointed out, most people have a matchmaking instinct, and in fact, finding discriminating friends was the easy part." Wollie Shelley runs Wollie's Welcome! To make a much needed five thousand dollars she has opted to participate in Dr. Her friends Fredreeq and Joey are the ones whom she chooses to set up her dates for her. Each storyline would have worked as a book by itself.

At 19, having already performed in 30 plays, she went to New York's Lower East Side and was accepted into the professional acting training program at NYU's School of the Arts.

After two years on the soap opera Guiding Light, she moved to Los Angeles to appear on Santa Barbara where she met her end, being crushed to death by a giant letter "C." Kozak has appeared in more than a dozen television shows and feature films, including When Harry Met Sally as Billy Crystal's ex-wife, Parenthood, The Favor, and Arachnophobia.

She lives in California with her husband and three children.

The relationship only has a two-week history, but so far things look promising.She needs the money, and she reasons that proximity may help her solve the crime and protect Joey from a murder charge.With a bad dye job and a bitchy, egomaniac for a co-worker, Wollie soon has reason to regret accepting the job.In the midst of her speed dating she is also trying to get her greeting card store upgraded from Welcome! However, in spite of this I found the book to be an engaging and humorous read.What drew me to this novel at first were the references that I had seen beforehand comparing Kozak to one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich.

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Harley Jane Kozak was born in 1957, the youngest of eight children, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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