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We have some bad experiences of our own as a consument. )When we had a bad experience with a company, we found out that we wanted to tell our friends and family about it, to protect them from a bad experience of their own.

Be the first one to write a review and let us know. We mostly focus on companies that provide services, like energy suppliers, telecom providers, companies that loan money, etc.

If everyone writes down their experiences, you in turn can look at other companies to see if buying there is a safe, trustworthy and sensible choice. Write a review and maybe we can help you come to a solution.

But we also like to shine a light on companies that do the right thing. Did this company did everything you expected or even more than was necessary? We can make a news item and put them in a positive light. That is why we often hear about the newest discounts and special orders of companies.

That is why experiences, together with comparisons and product information, are so important.

You can write a review about every company that you have dealt with as a customer.

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