Dating avoidant attachment style

So I would say my norm does not involve needy behavior.

What I was looking for when the “needy” behavior emerged, was for my man to spend more time with me and give me more attention.

I have been separated and divorced for two years now, which has allowed me to have a decent number of dating and relationship experiences.

She told him to read the book and that he should look at the part where the author describes the avoidant attachment style because that was her relationship style.

This would be the most normal set of behaviors when attaching to someone in a love relationship.

Oh, if we could all have the secure attachment style, relationships would be so much easier and smoother to manage.

He told me that he read the book after the breakup and realized that he had an anxious attachment style in relationships.

He also realized why she broke up with him, because her avoidant attachment style caused her to feel they were getting too close and she needed to pull away.

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