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Round and off their dads are hot summer in our country i'm dating or they are fun.Picking up a rich girl is a real roller coaster ride of emotions. But as rich girls age, that edge of entitlement is replaced with a softening boredom with their lives in general.

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” or “I have to get home early to see if my food stamps were delivered.” Rich girls are, first and foremost, girls.

And like with any girls, a little chivalry goes a long, long way. And a life without those little worries causes rich people to lose what us poor folk call “perspective.” And no “perspective” means you’re in for an easy, boring life. They do frivolous shit and then they’re mean to each other.

So be prepared to plunk down some bucks for a swanky meal, some drinks and bottle service at a lounge your rich girl likes to frequent on weeknights. Once you’ve proven that you can hang, paying the check just becomes a matter who’s quickest to the draw. When there are that many zeroes in your account (with a number at the left side rather than the right of said zeroes), a 00 bottle of vodka is nothing. If you want a primer in rich girl frivolity, just rent “The Talented Mr.

And since you’re not a rich guy, don’t be a credit card cowboy. Letting her pay after your initial encounter isn’t being dishonest… You were just telegraphing that you know about the finer things in life and spending lots of money on said things (no matter who gets the tab) doesn’t cause you to flinch. Yes, they have relatives who get sick and yes they have their mini crises (just look at the Lohans… But do rich people ever have to worry about losing their jobs? Do rich people ever have to wonder if they’ll have enough money to cover their mortgage? Ripley.” Or look at Paris Hilton’s life story — it’s all tanning, boats, wasting cash, doing drugs and having lots and lots of sex.

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