Dating a patient

Thereby going against the medical principle of "Do NO harm." Once the patient is healthy and not under care, then go for your lives. There was a paediatrician in Sydney who had relationship with patient's (child) mother and he was suspended 12 months.

OP, someone who works in a hospital who doesn't have a professional relationship with a patient is quite free to have a personal sexual relationship with them.

They ended up milking him for everything he got and making false claims he didn't act with reasonable care to his patients... All i can say, is the strangest places to meet :) I see this practice really no different than say users who cheat. The typical frequent flyers of hospitals are not the most impressive physical specimens and honestly I would be surprised hospital staff would even be interested – in 9.99 cases out of 10.

And bad 'karma' catches up pretty soon as the other poster mentioned about the surgeon leaving some of his patients pregnant. If give him some 'Youth' Hard Labour Desert Camp time. He'll come back probably thinking of joining a monastery.

Morally is it considered unethical to do this in Australia? I've been seeing a female GP due to a medical condition I have that is mostly benign...

because I have been seeing here for over 3yrs regularly, we start to flirt a bit and I think it might go on to the next level.

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It's possible that if they met not in a health care relationship the patient would not be attracted to the doc, but sees value in someone caring for them.

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  1. You'll know exactly where he stands, and if you don't, you'll be able to ask him, and you can have an adult conversation about it. You don't argue over petty things that don't actually warrant concern.