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Sexual attraction largely derives from your upbringing.

What’s interesting about my client, Alexis, is that she had it wrong when it comes to her attitude about short men.

You’ll have to share his attention with many others, although he does not mean to ignore you in any way.

Libra men simply try to keep everyone as happy as they can.

It’s easy to start a conversation with the Libra man because he is friendly with everyone.

The Libra male is very bright, so appeal to his intellectual side when joining in the discussion.

He’ll work hard to get know everything about you, and then use that knowledge to keep you happy throughout your relationship.

But be aware that he is a social butterfly, and he treats everyone he knows as if they are the most important person to him.

I also want to know if he’s a good listener and if he talks well about his friends or family because he should already have some good, close interpersonal relationships. Just try not to do anything too extreme, for he doesn’t appreciate anything over the top.Keep it low key, not boring, and he’ll want to continue dating.She is one of my clients who has never dated a short man, and she has no intention to ever date one.She insists, “I’m just not attracted to them.” Alexis is a smart woman, and she is also a nice person, even though her attitudes about short men are actually pretty patronizing and dismissive.

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Don’t let this kind of distorted thinking get in the way of meeting someone really great.

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