Dating a colt trooper mkiii

The front sight was composed of a large ramp base with a grooved ramp sight blade.

From introduction in 1953 the Trooper used the new Colt Target grip design.

These early sights had the front end of the sight leaf rounded off.

Within a year or so, the front of the leaf was changed to an easier to produce squared off profile.

Offered in .38 Special, Colt also introduced a .22LR version for use as a "trainer" gun to complement the .38 Special version.

The Trooper sold well, but the 357 sales were less than expected due to the introduction in 1955 of the super-premium Python.

SERIAL NUMBERS Trooper serial numbers are very confusing.

The .22LR model was apparently only made from 1953 to 1961, but it continued to be cataloged until 1969. The original Trooper models were finished with the Colt Duo-Tone blued finish which had the sides of the frame and outer diameter of the cylinder bright polished, with the edges of the trigger guard and grip frame and the cylinder flutes bead blasted to a flat black finish.The Trooper .38 and .357 serial numbers were shared with the .38 Officer’s Model Match and the 357 model.The .22LR numbers were shared with the .22 Officer's Model Match.GRIPS FIRST TYPE TARGET Fully checkered with Silver medallions.Used from 1953 to about 1961 SECOND TYPE TARGET "Half moon" checkering border under the medallions. Silver medallions Used from about 1961 to end of production in 1969 SERVICE TYPE Silver Medallions Used throughout production.

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