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“Every employee deserves to be treated with respect,” NFL Players Association President De Maurice Smith said in an email.

“There is absolutely no justification for paying these workers less than a fair wage and for making them endure discrimination in the workplace.

In taking her case public, Davis said, she drew confidence from the way women in other fields haven spoken out, from the Hollywood #Me Too and Time’s Up pushes to the voices who spoke out against USA Gymnastics and abusive trainer Larry Nassar.

“I was really inspired by Aly Raisman and her speaking out about USA Gymnastics,” Davis said.

Last year, the Milwaukee Bucks settled a class-action lawsuit brought for 0,000 over wages former Bucks dancer Lauren Herington claimed were below minimum wage.

Despite her efforts to follow rules, Davis was fired in January after a rumored encounter with a player at a party and a picture the Saints considered racy posted to her Instagram account.She could not use her last name during public appearances.She, and the other New Orleans cheerleaders, could spend no more than four seasons on the Saintsations.“That’s kind of who I’ve been looking to as far as getting confidence in speaking out, how she interviews, and how it wasn’t okay.At the time, when I was in the organization, I didn’t realize these rules were not okay.

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It wasn’t okay for us to be treated like that.” [Aly Raisman files lawsuit against USCO, USA gymnastics over alleged sexual abuse] While further specifics have been slow to emerge, Davis said stories similar to hers abound.

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