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A dash cam sits on top of your dashboard and records everything it sees.

You don’t have to be on the road all day every day to justify getting one as it’s just as likely to come in handy whether you are on a long journey or just heading out to the shops.

Depending on the model you can get cams with GPS, automatic saving of footage when a collision is detected and some even have a built in microphone and snapshot function.

Each camera can rotate 320 degrees with a wide 120-degree perspective.

While most things that can go wrong often occur in front of the car, it’s nice to have your rear covered as well.

Instead of two separate dash cams, a front/rear camera like the Pruveeo MX2 will give you both perspectives in a single device.

Dash cams are discreet so you won’t be distracted as you drive and you’ll be glad you installed it if something happens to your car.

Dash cams have many functions other than simply recording what is going on in front of the car.

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