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He felt that he could do more in six days with the help of the Lord than he could do in seven days without it.

He believed that by refraining from studying on the Sabbathhe would receive the blessings of the Lord.

We had incalculable benefits from mealtime conversation.

A few years ago he told us we should raise the bar for missionary service. He just used that vivid metaphor to give a clear, simple challenge, and its impact has been felt by LDS teenagers, parents, teachers, and leaders everywhere.The scriptures teach us that we can learn that kind of wisdom by humbling [ourselves] and calling upon the Lord . We learn that kind of wisdom line upon line, precept upon precept, by harkening to the precepts of God and by lending an ear to His counsel (see 2 Nephi ). In a talk given eight years ago, President Hinckley urged a group of BYU students to have more excellence in their studies. It is the time of beginning for something that will go on for as long as you live. In the Book of Mormon the Prophet Jacob described a people who despised the words of plainness, . Also, remember not to accept an invitation to pray to the Lord and then twist that invitation into an opportunity to give a speech to the audience.He asked for a little more self-discipline, a little more consecrated effort. I have seen this many times, especially at funerals.This man had given many public lectures, but, not being a minister, he had never given a public prayer. If you are worried about speaking to the audience, then you begin the prayer with Ladies and Gentlemen. For example, a few months ago a young neighbor who is a returned missionary drew a tag to kill a moose in the mountains of Utah. His son was successful in shooting a moose, and then phoned his father to come and help him drag out the huge animal.When the father finally got to the remote location, his son said, Of all the advice Elder Oaks has given, this is the advice I didnt follow and wish I had.

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I had been working in a radio station, routinely employed on the Sabbath.

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