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Sometimes banks or other institutions will only accept a power of attorney signature if it’s written in a certain way.

You should never sign your name or the other person’s name without indicating that you are signing under a power of attorney.

They vary from formal to informal, and there are differences between British and American English. Note: which format to use is a question of formality, politeness and personal choice.

Format F is rather official and is typically seen on an invoice or an official or technical document.To trace its development offers us insight into humanity's relentless imagination, creativity and sometimes folly.Thanks to the wonderful creation of paper many descriptions of our world have been stored so that we may share and learn from them.To understand how this works, let’s suppose your name is Jill Jones and you have power of attorney to act for your friend, Sam Smith.You could sign a document in either of the following ways: 1. “Jill Jones, attorney-in-fact for Sam Smith” Before signing, it’s a good idea to ask if there’s a preferred format for your signature.

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