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I am a sportive lady ( Third party contractor ) with 1,76m height, 79 kg sportive healty body. Looking for well educated, cultured, sweet talk, polite, romantic friend wi.. Nevertheless, Jews in that time settled almost exclusively in the commercial city of Trieste and, to a much smaller extent, in the town of Gorizia (now both part of Italy).The decree was overturned in 1817 by Francis I, and Jews were granted full civil and political right only with the Austrian constitution of 1867.The other 400 Jews lived scattered around the country, with a quarter of them living in the Prekmurje region.Prior to World War Two, there were two active synagogues in Slovenia, one in Murska Sobota and one in Lendava.According to the 1931 census, there were about 900 Jews in the Drava Banovina, mostly concentrated in Prekmurje, which was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary prior to 1919.

Nevertheless, the anti-Jewish legislation, adopted by Milan Stojadinović's pro-German regime, and the anti-Semitic discourse of Anton Korošec's conservative Slovene People's Party, made Slovenia a less desirable destination.

The first synagogue in Ljubljana is mentioned in 1213.

Issued with a Privilegium, Jews were able to settle an area of Ljubljana located on the left bank of the Ljubljanica River.

Rampant anti-Semitism was among the reasons why few Jews decided to settle in the area, and the overall Jewish population remained at a very low level.

In the 1920s, after the formation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia), the local Jewish community merged with the Jewish community of Zagreb, Croatia.

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