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The iconic neon “LT” sign has a life of its own on social media, and you might be surprised by how great the small plates of shishitos, Asian buns, spicy wings, and meats on sticks are.

Even if you don’t really drink much, you can’t go wrong with cocktails with names like “Absinthe Father” and “Bizarre Love Triangle,”or those with names that are easier to attach to autumn, such as the bourbon/pumpkin/pecan punt e mes “Harvest Moon” which is finished with a dash of fall spices.

He’s put together offerings like tapped Sazeracs, drinks that sound crazy but taste/feel great like the Hanoi Hurrah (rum, brandy, orange, cinnamon, and Vietnamese coffee), a frozen Pimm’s Cup, “Beer and a Shorty” combos like Tokyo Black Porter and Fernet Branca Menta, and a ton of tapped, canned, and bottled beers, including a few 750 milliliters.

They also have an amazing red neon sign against one of the gray concrete walls that simply says “Fancy Service.” It’s a great place to have good times without rolling to Louisiana.

George absinthe, lemon, cucumber, and black pepper. When you think of Belt Line drinking, you should automatically include Ladybird, which kinda kicked off the entire idea of stopping along the trail for a respectable beverage.

They make other neat stuff like lemon-corn-infused Karlsson's potato vodka (for “The Leader”), coconut-oil-infused repo tequila in “Kiss The Girl,” and Earl-Grey-tea-infused vodka in “The Resurrection of Jean Grey,” which you should be careful drinking because we all saw what she did to her X-Man. She killed Cyclops in that movie when she came back as the Phoenix... They’re big on local, whether it’s beer from Scofflaw, Arches, Reformation, Wild Heaven, Sweet Water, and the other usual suspects (at press time they have Creature Comforts’ Koko Buni milk porter, which is a mythical yeti of beers).

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