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You like to watch other camshows, which ones do you prefer? Which other CAM4 broadcaster would you like to meet? I like to watch all of them, but I prefer to visit people, I already know for a while, in their shows. What kind of scenarios will your fans have to watch soon? We’re open for ideas and would like to do anal or other fun things.

Yes, we’re planing new videos and they are already in work. If you have questions or just want to show your appreciation for Sandy Big Boobs, leave a comment!

Sometimes it’s my boobs, my butt or the new pedicure *smile*.

) During my shows I “forget” to wear panties on purpose.

;) I heard a rumor about you forgetting your panties sometimes during summer… On sexy lingerie the stockings are needless for me.

Which piece of clothing do you think is absolutely needless?

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hahahaha Which compliments do you hear often from your fans? They are absolutely fond of my boobs and they cannot believe, that I’m already 43 years old.

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