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(She takes the flowers) Bunifa: Oh, hi Mark, I'm Bunifa. And uh, some beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady. You know, why a man gotta take it upon himself, you know, to decide what I'm gonna be puttin' in my mouth? Mark: Uh, well, I'll check the menu, I think they- (looks at menu) Yeah, yeah, they have... why, why a brotha always gotta be takin' control from a sista? Mark: Well look, if you would just let me talk- Bunifa: Well go on, I ain't stoppin' you! Mark: Well, you know what, I'll get the- I'll get the waitress. Bet'cha don't even remember her birthday, ungrateful bastard. You a fiiiine chocolate prince wit' yo beautiful brown eyes.

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From episode 413 where Phil La Marr is on a blind dinner date with Bunifa: Phil: Bunifa, that's an interesting name.

Bunifa: It's African, it means the first and the fifteenth.

Mark: Well, I'm trying to say- Bunifa: Why you tryin'? Mark: Well, I'm sayin'- Bunifa: So what you sayin'?

Mark: What, I'm just saying- Bunifa: So what you sayin'?

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You know what, if a brotha would check in with a sista every now and again, you would know what I was thinkin'.

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