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Bridget Reagan was born February 3, 1982 in California, USA. She began with acting as a child but her first famous role came in 2008 when she started working on Legend of the Seeker series.

Today, Bridget has reccuring roles in two series, Beauty & the Beast (where Kristin Kreuk plays main character) and White Collar.

It’s actually turned out to be really, really cool, and I’m proud that I did it, because it wasn’t an easy decision to pack up my life and move. It was one room, and it was above a pizza place on 14th and 7th in Manhattan. We did it, and now we’re patting each other on the back. I went to the emergency room last year when I accidentally punched a shield during a fight.

You walk outside, and you’re smacked in the face with New York City. We’re celebrating for about two minutes when we’re totally attacked by this creature which is known as a “screeling.” We learn that these are from the underworld, which is kind of like hell. Sometimes they won’t let me jump off a horse or roll down a hill because they’re scared I’m going to break something, but I do all my fights. Everybody thought I broke my finger, but I kept going “It’s fine, it’s fine, let’s keep going, let’s shoot.” But they said, “Nope, you’re going to the emergency room.” And I was right!

Craig and I auditioned with scenes pulled verbatim, dialogue from the books.

Her natural hair color is ginger but she changed it because of her important role in the Legend of the Seeker series.You kind of need that playful, childlike attitude towards it. You give him any movie, and he could just go verbatim on and on and on. The onscreen chemistry between you and Craig has caused a lot of people to wonder whether you’re dating. He’s totally got that — he’s such a little kid at heart. Walmart should respect the voices of its workers who are calling on the company to stop selling guns. This is exactly why I believe workers deserve representation on their board, so that their views are heeded. And we're debating whether it's too mean to disclose who's putting up the money to produce four more years of this??? Families are torn apart; men, women and children are separated.

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Bridget dyed her hair to darker color during playing Kahlan Amnell character and also wore a corset underneath her dress which made her waist look slimmer and breasts bigger.

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