Bookworms dating bookworms dating dating woman

A girl who reads is not only expressive, but eloquent in the manner she speaks, good for you when you want to bring her home to mom -- but bad when you try to argue with her, because the graceful way words slip off of her tongue will always triumph.

A girl who reads falls more in love with stories than with people.

While big teddy bears and fancy gifts are pleasing to the eyes, women who read seek romance that is pleasing to the mind.

She’ll go out with you, but a girl who reads will also see the value of staying in, getting cozy and having deep, meaningful conversations.

She seeks adventure, romance and comedy -- and what story is complete without an unexpected love interest?

I have had a passion for reading books for as long as I can remember, my first big novel Are you there God? I am a positive & motivational woman who believes that the sun shines even on a rainy day!

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Women who read are above fighting -- they would rather have logical discussion that leads to respectful discourse.She won’t dismiss your ideas completely, instead she’ll compile a well-thought out list of reasons why you’re wrong.Books have the ability to take you places without ever leaving home.She loves hearing about all the places she could go, things she could see, and she’ll stop at nothing to ensure she’ll make it there.In the depths of her mind are stories of love, life, fantasy, adventure, and she’ll be much eager to talk about that than the weather or “what’s up.” Witty banter and deep conversations are imperative to the girl who reads, creating better and more interesting conversation for the person dating her. They seek to broaden their horizons and never stop gaining knowledge and wisdom through their reading.

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Starting this group to meet other women who have a passion for reading, who want a night out to socialize.

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