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It spawned a network of dating coaches and a thriving counseling business for its authors, best pals Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. Wait a few hours before texting back, don’t have these text chats. Living together, seeing him all the time, posting on Facebook what Starbucks you’ll be at. If you would like to be notified when your comment is published, please fill in your email address in the form below.They have now published “Not Your Mother’s Rules: The New Secrets for Dating” and are currently writing “The Rules for Starting Over,” for divorced women. and going on hook-ups and accepting instant messages at midnight. I got a call from a 55-year-old divorced woman who was texting until 3 A. TMI (too much information) is the killer of courtship. What we do agree with is she’ll say there needs to be boundaries. But I disagree that you can be single (Stanger is not married, though she lives with her boyfriend) and give this advice. You can talk all you want about how it works but have you done it? It was never meant to make men and women romantically equal. Sherrie Schneider: It’s so successful because it’s the truth. Women can send a naked picture of themselves in three seconds. Now you have to have rules on your own, not because your rabbi or parents are involved. When a guy likes you they call you, they ask you out, want to meet your friends and parents and want to propose. You have to have mystery, act like you’re a creature unlike any other. One girl who chased him was the prom queen and he still had no interest.

So, what are the key pieces of advice The Rules tells women to live by.

Fein, who is 56, has two children in their 20s and is married for the second time (she applied The Rules when she met her second husband, and it worked), and Schneider, who is 54, mother to a teen and has been married for 20 years, are both Jewish. Schneider, who lived with her family in Israel for a year when she was seven years old, said their first book was translated into Hebrew and became a bestseller in Israel in 1996. Schneider: Mothers don’t even know what to say to their 25-year-old daughters about texting or photos. Fein: I love Patti, I think she’s adorable and funny, but she’s not as serious as we are. I don’t think people should be looking for millionaires. Schneider: She is hysterical, but I don’t think she is helping. Misinterpreting feminism Schneider: They think it’s passé, they say, ‘I have a condo, a gym membership.’ We’re not telling you to stay home and vacuum. It was misinterpreted that you can ask guys out and pay. You know the guy’s not going to try to sleep with you.

Much has changed in the 19 years since that first Rules book; sexting, Facebook and the expectation that people are available around the clock. A girl who isn’t will say, ‘It’s a hook-up culture.’ You can change it – create boundaries, create self-esteem. When a woman consulting with us is rich and wants to buy guys gifts, then a man feels like she’s desperate.

They claim the princess-to-be played her cards "perfectly".

While we don't know if Meghan actually read the book, we do know that Prince Harry proposed to Meghan after just 18 months.

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Meanwhile, Kristi comes over to Catherine's house, and Catherine is terrified that David will somehow ruin their blossoming friendship.

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