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The biggest benefit to groups is that you can submit your tracks and mixes to them, thus adding an additional channel to getting your work out there.If you are really ambitious, you can even start a group of your own.Personally I feel that if a DJ or producer can afford to spend money on new software, plug-ins, MP3’s, or vinyl, they should be able to swing the Lite or Solo accounts (about and 0 per year respectively).Want to know a surefire way to not gain any followers on Soundcloud?Leaving comments in other people’s original tracks and mixes is a powerful tool, even more so than having a favorites list.This is because you have increased your visibility by leaving your mark in a song or mix that a number of people who don’t know or follow you are listening to.

Although most experienced Soundcloud users will probably find these tips obvious, they may come in handy to a newer user.If you just so happen to say something interesting, they may be persuaded to check your Soundcloud page on the merit of a single comment. How about a link to a blog post you wrote promoting the song in question.However, I’d like to emphasize the word “merit” here. Leave a comment about something specific you liked about the song. All of these types of comments are constructive and can better help increase your presence on Soundcloud.The vast majority of Soundcloud users are signed up for the free account.Although not having to pay a dime may work if you are just looking to privately exchange music with other producers, it has little benefit if you want to promote your work the masses.

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