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That's what we wanted to perpetuate and talk about is the normalcy of it,” she adds.

It’s no secret that the character of Abby is bisexual, something Morales says creator Josh Malmuth and executive producer Mike Schur () wanted from the start.

We're not really a dating site but many members have met through us and have gone on to form long term relationships.

"I've never as much as kissed a woman, but find myself thinking about this all the time now.

I guess I've been brought up to think that homosexuality was wrong, I haven't told him the way I feel as I think he is still very much of this opinion.

“It's a huge deal, not only personally, but just that the character is the first bisexual lead of a network show and we meet her ex-girlfriend!

” Morales tells “It's not necessarily the main thing but you are showing a woman who dates women and is the lead of a show and it's totally normal.

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Still, the reveal that she dates men and women is revelational coming from a lead character of a sitcom whose queerness was known even before the first episode aired.

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