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This better translates to "I am head over heels in love". Find it difficult to think about anything else but your other half?

Die Literaturwissenschaftlerin Aleida Assmann führt ein in Paris Calligrammes, Ottingers Werkschau aus historischem Archivmaterial und eigenen filmischen Arbeiten aus Paris.Much like saying I love you, it is also better suited to an established relationship, rather than a new one. Photo: DPA But how to find someone to say these sickening things to? If you feel things are going well with someone and you'd like them to become your partner, how better to ask them than with a simple willst du mit mir gehn? This literally translates to 'do you want to go with me? This is the perfect phrase if you're looking to make your intentions known without getting too serious. Du bist mein Ein und Alles Footballer Steffi Jones (left) with her wife Nicole at the Ball of Sports in 2013.Photo: DPA Another way to make your feelings known to your significant other would be to say du bist mein Ein und Alles. #martingoettmusik #berlin #kreuzberg #music #akustik #singer #singersongwriter #newmusic #gibson #gitarre #liedermacher #instaberlin #berlingram #instadaily #produktion #neuesalbum #lied #texten #schreiben bä#berlingram #heimat #mannheim #mannheimgram #instamannheim #hagestolz #Ostern #gammeln #dennishamm #geburtstag A post shared by Martin Goett (@martingoettmusik) on Another way to steer clear of the messy business of love would be to declare yourself a Hagestolz.Trotz des weltweit herausfordernden Wirtschaftsumfelds hat der Industriedienstleister Bilfinger im zweiten Quartal 2019 von einem guten Auftragsbestand und Auftragseingang profitiert.Insbesondere die starke Stellung des Konzerns in den Kernindustrien Chemie & Petrochemie sowie Öl & Gas wirkte sich vorteilhaft aus.

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Take your pick from Liebste(r), Mausi, Schatz or Liebling, which all translate to something along the lines of love, sweetie, sweetheart or darling.

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