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The youngest children, like the first born, may be more likely to experience personality problems later in life.This is the child who grows up knowing that he has the least amount of power in the whole family.He sees his older siblings having more freedom and more superiority.He also gets pampered and protected more than any other child did.In other words, don’t immediately go to the school principal if your child is getting bullied, but rather teach your child how to respond or take care of herself at school. Simply put, Adler believed that the order in which you are born to a family inherently effects your personality.First born children who later have younger siblings may have it the worst.These children are given excessive attention and pampering by their parents until that fateful day when the little brother or sister arrives.

Is it really true that middle children cause more problems?As it becomes overwhelming and without the needed successes, we can develop an inferiority complex.This belief leaves us with feeling incredibly less important and deserving than others, helpless, hopeless, and unmotivated to strive for the superiority that would make us complete. Adler did agree with Freud on some major issues relating to the parenting of children and the long term effects of improper or inefficient child rearing.And if so, what would any of this have to do with dating and relationships?Obviously, there’s a danger when it comes to oversimplifying complex human beings into rigid classifications that may or may not apply.

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