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If anything, they wanted boyfriends who would stay out of their fangirl business, letting them indulge fully in their preexisting passions without his complaints or company.From that, Tora Con deduced that there’s demand not just for events that pair otaku who have the same interests, but for otaku who’ll accept a romantic partner’s hobby, even if it’s one they don’t share, and happily let her enjoy it on her own.The event was dubbed Tora Con and focused on bringing together single anime fans or “otaku” who are looking for serious relationships.Tora Con greatly encourages clients to flaunt their love for manga and anime.

For example, a Tora Con spokesperson explains, a guy might be a big fan of, say, idol franchise stage musical with them or not.Of course, that raises the question of what the would-be otaku couple is going to talk about if they’re not following the same series or genre, but that’s probably part of why Tora Con itself advises its clients to develop interests outside of anime.The concept has similarities with a recent Japanese Twitter discussion about how another otaku might not always be the best spouse for an otaku, and so far Tora Con’s plan seems to be working.But to help their chances in finding a partner, Tora Con also offered some advice on Twitter, according to Hachima Kiko via Sora News24.The service may be taking their cue to a new terminology gaining popularity in the otaku sub-culture.

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