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Micro SD: I will say I was perplexed how to add the card. JUST the cloud short clips, you’ll need to purchase one. Also, time lapse had some sort of issue processing but it is working fine now. We’re a pretty small team here and improving as fast as we can.

I tried a few things, and then I submitted a ticket to Wyze Cam Support and they politely informed me there is a tiny slot on bottom of the camera where the hinge is located is where the Micro SD card goes. Not in a USB reader, not inline, it goes in the designated slot on the bottom. I was a little embarrassed, but wanted to share this, cause I did not find it written anywhere and this was b4 this forum. You don’t need an email validation code to setup your camera. Per the FAQ page: Where can I find the Wyze App in the app store? With an SD card, the cam can be set to record to both local and cloud. I never formatted them, but the cams know they’re there (their the’ir’ye) and I do get short recordings (10 seconds) from alerts. It helps when our users point out where we are missing the ball so we can be better!

Start by downloading the Ring app, scan the barcode on the setup instructions, and then follow prompts from both the app and the camera itself.

We had the device ready to go in minutes, although if you plan to mount the device on a wall or ceiling, more work will be required.

Getting frustrated with process so help is greatly appreciated. Was hoping there would be answers here as tech support failed to answer Friday. When I called tech service I got the same message (high volume, etc.) but connected in 30 seconds. Yes, the communication within the company needs to be addressed.

What’s unique about the Stick Up Cam is its versatility.

Some cameras are designed for indoor use only, or to be placed on a table only, or to rely on Wi-Fi only.

In the box is the camera itself, the base, two USB power supply options (indoor and outdoor), a Power over Ethernet cable if you choose to connect the camera that way, and all the anchors, mounting screws, and wire clips you need for setup.

The camera itself, available in black or white, is lightweight but still feels like a quality device.

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I dont really want to run them seperate as I understand it is not really recommended for efficiency.

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