Backdating child benefit

Asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma lead to an extremely unpleasant death, as I have seen in my previous life as a lawyer representing people with mesothelioma. Friend obviously has legal experience, so can he correct an assumption of mine?

The losers include 100,000 people on income support.

It is a fatal illness and those last three months are extremely traumatic for the family and extremely painful and distressing for the individual sufferer.

Similar problems arise in respect of other industrial diseases and cancers.

It is my understanding that the previous Government abolished that, with effect from April 1997. Mesothelioma is a prime example of the problems that can arise.

That is the issue I am currently addressing and I hope to give some ideas to the Under-Secretary of State for Social Security, my hon. It leads to an extremely unpleasant death, especially in the last three months of life.

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