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And Uncle Sam didn't spring for extras like speakers. If you, too, have a vehicle with no stereo whatsoever, your best course of action is a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is about the size of a grapefruit and disproportionately loud.

It lasts about ten hours between charges, and is waterproof, which makes it well suited to old Jeeps or other cars with hose-it-out interiors.

Solution: Dual XDM16BT receiver ()Okay, nobody stole my 1993 Bronco's stereo. I bought a Dual XDM16BT Bluetooth receiver at Walmart for all of .84.

It just doesn't work, and I've never bothered to replace it. After some light wire-stripping and crimping, it works.

We disassemble your 8 track or cassette tape player, clean critical areas, adjust mechanical and electrical points and lubricate the unit.

We also change the physically and electrically leaking capacitors in the motor speed regulator, pre-amplifier and main amplifier stages and install new drive belts as needed.

Learn More from: Apple Pioneer Car Global With Spotify being a dedicated A/V source on the AVH-2330NEX, you now have the ability to control content from the Spotify app on i Phone and Android devices.

You can play, pause and skip tracks, browse playlists, albums and radio stations on the go using the Pioneer controls.

I tested three approaches on three audio systems, each from a distinct audio epoch, to find the best solutions. Well, deflation has hit the head-unit business same as TVs and solar panels.

No chintzy motor-driven dial pointers; your tuning knob, pushbuttons, Rotomatic, Wonderbar, Town & Country, or other mechanism will operate just like it did before, in FM mode as well as AM.

The radio looks* and operates the same (with a few enhancements) but has FM Stereo, and vastly improved sound quality. The below video is for a previous model (FMC) than what we are using but operation is much the same D&M RESTORATION 800-722-0854 [email protected] you are sending in a radio for conversion please print off and fill out our radio conversion form In addition to providing gauge cluster repair and restoration, D&M can also provide some of the most competitive prices on carpets items for you classic car.

But only out of the right front speaker, because all the others are either shorted out or not hooked up.

And there are some fitment issues I need to take care of.

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Hanging one from the rearview mirror is a jaunty way to go, but I, once again, resorted to Velcro, mounting one on each side of the dash, no wiring required.

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