Auctiva store categories arent updating

Some steps includes: Inventory management obtain a critical essence as it designate the fulfillment latency and gives sagacity into lead-time required for shipping a given item from the date of order, besides specifying the restock dates.

These rates range from 4 percent to 9 percent, adds Michael Jones, e Bay’s vice president of merchant development.These sellers will pay a flat 10-percent final value fee “only when your item sells,” Jones adds.Additionally, merchants without an e Bay Store subscription will be able to schedule listings and add the Buy It Now option for free to their auctions starting April 16.In 2014, approximately .95 billion dollars processed by e Bay’s sellers and customers on sales.e Bay provide a wide range of services to sellers, using that you can enhance your offerings, including the Global Shipping program that can easily ship goods to abroad without require your own international shipping agreements or having knowledge of customs.

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  1. It's one of the first to offer the CD and it has a handy buyers guide in English that explains how to use the site when you can't read Polish. It's in fact a small hardcover book with 30 pages, after which the CD is safely stored in plastic attached to the back cover.