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It seemed to take forever for his browser to come up. "Sorry hun, I just wanted to say good night." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "And your birthday is coming up don't forget." Glen smiled back and watched her ass sway as she moved back up the stairs.

He was about to open his email when a gentle touch on his shoulder almost caused him to jump out of his skin. He wondered if he should just close down and follow her up. He saw her hesitate and then shrug out of the robe revealing her hot, firm body.

He saw her fingers hover over her keyboard and then she typed.

-You will gain access to my computer and can delete the file yourself. Glen smiled, ideas beginning to form about what he was going to do to his sister-in-law.

Lots of naked girlfriends behind the cams and it's a good thing for us there are lots of recorded shows.

"Yes." She typed and then started putting on the show. He moved the cam towards his cock and began to stroke it. The toy teased the lips of her pussy, starting along the opening.

He thought he was correct, but moved down to the second photograph. At dinner, his wife was too pre-occupied with a court case she was putting it together to notice that Glen barely poked at his dinner. Four years older than her younger sister, Kim was just reaching her prime. Her hands moved back to encircle her entire boobs and she squeezed.

Glen's cock began to harden as he saw it was a graduation pic of a young brunette, dressed in a graduation robe, with her two parents proudly beaming into the camera. She was a few inches shorter than his own 6'1" frame, slim with great legs. -And why would one of your sisters want to see you naked? -Now that's not nice at all, but I'll let it drop for now. She started to type something, but thought better of it because both hands returned to her chest. They bulged towards the camera and Glen felt his own cock begin to respond.

He would have finished earlier, but he found himself jacking off to the vision of his sister-in-law more times than he had since teenager. Glen tried to think through the situation and finally wrote a response. She had even taken to drop time share brochures from various places around the country and the world, knowing that he loved seeing new places.

Finally, he had cleaned up a snapshot of the sorority photograph. If you don't want this video sent to your family and co-workers, you will be online at 10 pm. have a sex toy or something to insert inside of you Happy times! Twilight passed into night as Glen surfed TV channels.

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