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And then I’m awful when I leave Kelsey, and it’s not a bi thing? \\ (continued) Commenters on various sites have also said that they are angry, not with your being bisexual, but with what appears to be infidelity and an inability to commit. Whitney - and I’m not calling her out in a mean way at all - has been with multiple women since the show started.She has dropped a girl off, picked a girl up and been back and forth with Sara.I’ve had relationships with men and pretty much primarily with women for over five years. It isn’t going to be segregated, and that’s ultimately what the fight is for. We did that (historically) because we had to have pride and a safety and a comfort, but to say that straight people aren’t allowed to come into the mix or that transgender people, or whatever, it is isn’t really evolving.I identified as a lesbian, because at the time, that was the community. You’ve been called out for essentially accusing lesbians of being biphobic…They’ve been back and forth with other people on the show, and it was pretty much the story and her journey to Sara.

It’s been my whole life, and I fight for equality, and it’s for LGBT, and this is who I am.

I don’t think that Whitney and Sara got married so that they could stand up for the entire community. Tell me about the biphobia you’ve encountered since the start of the season. And people are saying it’s not that we don’t like you because you’re bi, we don’t like you because you’re crazy.

I think they got married because they wanted to for themselves. But then the comments that are being written to me are about penis, are about a man.

And at the same time they’re telling me, by me getting married that I am telling them that, pretty much, I don’t care about their rights. Does that mean, because it’s not legal here, that they didn’t care about people’s rights? They did that for themselves and for their love, and some people may choose not to. And it’s very hurtful because I’m such an open book, and anyone who knows me knows that.

If you want to get married, and it’s what you choose for your relationship, that’s all that you’re doing it for. In watching the finale it did kind of look like there was some creative editing for impact. Showtime knows that, and so I really do open up with every aspect of my life, and when you’re somebody like that, when you’re limited to 10 minutes (of air time) each week it gives almost too much material that’s going to come off wrong.

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Romi Klinger has been a polarizing figure, at turns loved and loathed by the show’s devoted fan base.

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