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I don’t look at it as a fight, or battle, in anyway. “You know,” I say to my husband with a heaving, dramatic sigh, “as soon as I mop this up it’s just going back to a mess in a matter of minutes.” He nods, knowingly, and shrugs with a resigned half-smile. There are very few things we love more than gathering an eclectic group of friends, with varying views and backgrounds, for a meal in my backyard. My grandparents (who lived just blocks away from where I currently hang my hat) would have friends and neighbours over for a drink, or a meal, regularly…no topic was taboo — everyone was heard, there was no censorship, ever.

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How Ghomeshi tried to spin things, feeling the “power of celebrity”, before apologizing for his actions to Katheryn Borel. And when I say clusterf*ck – I mean that it takes 40 minutes to go 10 blocks in, what is predominantly, a residential neighbourhood. I said, “let’s put the website on hold.” she said “I think, instead, I want to talk about it.” She did.

This single move brought our society ever closer to where we need to be with regard to rape culture. Borel masterfully used the system to be able to tell her story. THIS JUST IN: victims don’t want cash settlements, they want real change. Pull out a map because the signs saying construction would be happening in this intersection stated it would occur from June to October.

So that’s okay – quieter in the summer, no kids going to school, people away at their cottages – seems like a good time to do the work.

Except from what I can see, nobody lifted a damn finger until the day after Labour Day, – and then the paving began – down to one lane in either direction, sometimes alternating – on a major route. As soon as she walked through the door, that fateful spring day, I knew something was wrong.

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  1. And it has expanded into professional networking, adding a “work” section that allows users to match with each other for platonic collaborations. Gendelman would not share financial information but said that he expects Raya to become profitable this year.