Apple mail rss feeds not updating what is backdating stock

We're not expecting that to be addressed by this update.

Mail will constantly update the Smart Mailbox on its own as you receive new messages, delete unwanted ones, etc. If you’re an RSS maniac (who enjoys reading Mac Yourself’s RSS feed, perhaps?

Check to see you've set the category for your podcast on your Content settings page here c. FIX THAT by pasting the real RSS you just copied from soundcloud. I don't know if it works for RSS feeds that aren't podcasts this might you some ideas.

Then, you can either click enter or "Refresh feed" 4) Apple will mark your podcast as "scheduled for updating/refreshing" (or sth else but I can exactly remember, sorry :$) You podcast will have a yellow dot right next to it.

Click the plus ( ) button in the sidebar and choose “New Mailbox.” This time, don’t select one of your email accounts in the drop-down menu — select RSS instead.

Naming the folder and clicking OK will unveil it in the sidebar under the RSS heading. new with this tell me more about auto delete – when does this happen?

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Can you please advise onwhat could possibly be causing the RSS feed issue?

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