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Exiting the surf dripping wet, Antonio will introduce himself to each hopeful with a simple greeting and a kiss of their trembling hand.

The story unfolds in a season long narrative arc akin to a nighttime soap opera -- complete with shocking plot twists and turns.

Now, Antonio is looking to settle down, open his heart and share his life with the woman of his dreams.

Welcome to My Antonio, a reality-dating show that will find the one woman who can prove her inner flame burns as brightly as that of one of the most devastatingly handsome men in the world.

"I just wanted Antonio to know that I'm not an easy girl to be with, that if he wanted a casual, sexual relationship, that's just not me," she said.One of those dates is with real estate agent Nick (26), who many on Twitter seemed to find charming. At one point he stops her from telling a 9 minute joke about Greek mythology (WTF? #Dating Around— Mimi (@Mo Alabbs) February 15, 2019 But like..are we punishing this girl for finding unwanted advances a deal breaker? She's not "full of herself," she's protecting herself.) and later goes in for a kiss that she does not reciprocate and seems to find awkward. Not to mention that she also had to deal with several uncalled-for dick jokes from her date with John (27)."Don't get me wrong: I had fun with him and his children. But do I wish we could have done some more exciting things? We could have said, 'Hey, let's put our relationship on hold and resume when we don't have to be behind closed doors.'" However that never happened and Barlow wonders if there will ever be a romantic relationship between the two. He is beautiful and he has a very kind heart," she said. As far as picking back up in some sort of serious, committed relationship, that would take some time." Despite no longer being in a relationship with Sabato, Barlow said it was "satisfying" to be chosen over Miranda, a 30-year-old makeup artist from New York, NY, since she's "competitive by nature." "To me, he and Miranda were not a match from the beginning, because she's so fearful and she doesn't have an athletic bone in her body," she explained. That would have been icing on the cake." Barlow described Miranda as "quite interesting." "You could probably make a show about Miranda and her quirky self," said Barlow. I felt like she wasn't always who you see Miranda to be."Winning was still a great shock and immensely satisfying. I felt like she had a different side when the cameras weren't there.

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