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She was a far more literary person with right wing beliefs and I am a scientist with left wing beliefs.We just couldn't see eye to eye on anything outside of anime and I lost interest in that years ago.Account ban evasions will only result in your ban becoming successively longer - and possibly permanent.Do not attempt to evade account bans by creating new accounts.

Which inevitably didn't work out because I realized too late that it was the only thing we really had in common.

Or, perhaps you’re here because you already knew all of that.

From a Christian perspective, an “obsession” with Japanese media can sometimes be a bit concerning.

Otaku-centered media can usually be broken down into four major categories (excluding video games, which is a category far too broad and sometimes removed from the other four for us to be able to adequately cover here): Anime, Manga, Light Novels, and Visual Novels.

Since individual taste often dictates which of these different media someone might show more interest in, below are links (in progress) leading to a specialized list of recommendations in each medium, complete with description, pros, cons, biblical connections, and questionable content.

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Light novels are another published medium like Japanese manga.

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