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He's gorgeous and moneyed, so he gets away with it. ) of 43 is partnered with 3 sons..yet we're the promiscuous ones..a gay man did what my brother does, he'd be pilloried. Then he entered me, but the whole time was staring at himself. This guy was fucking me, but didn't look at my ass, my reflection in the mirror, the tattoo on my shoulder, nothing. I was in Marky mark body type shape and he would def. He needs to do a movie where he can get nekkiddd Jonathan has lost that weight that he gained, his face looks too thin.

Sounds Adam doesn't have any game, or he likes to get off on himself. His eyes never left his own body the entire 10 minutes we were getting it from the back. If he is dating Melanie Fiona, and he is not a homosesual, they make a good couple. Not sure what to make of the body language here.60 here. I'm glad Adam's back and glad they aren't pursuing the relationship with Caleigh.

He kinda has man boobs, they are very soft and hang a little. I want some actual examples of why they think he's gay besides not being married and not having kids.[quote]his got that scary serious aura about him I said he was easy going, I forgot about the Mary J Blige incident. Its not because they are manwhores, they just have issues. A lot of straight guys just dont mature enough for relationships. Then you have guys who were abused as children, like Tyler Perry, and they have a hard time with relationships period.

Adam doesnt seem like that type.[quote]I'm trying to figure out why people on this thread think that he's gay. Adam seems like the perfect boyfriend, everyone who has worked with him said he is very sweet.

Click to listen to Jennifer Lopez on Spotify: Spot? Not filthy rich, but Im assuming Adam has done ok for being on such a popular show for eight years. A lot of masculine Latino guys like him are on the DL with the bi thing. She looks busted most of time No not true they broke up several times on/off R252. He was with a black supermodel who did something very drastic to him. But, trust there's a reason why no wifey and kids.[quote]He was with a black supermodel who did something very drastic to him. Ive heard a very similar story from one of his friends about the black supermodel incident who I wont name.

But his gorgeous face and lips make up for him being fully clothed most of the time.// BINGO! We all know it wasn't his stellar acting skills, jejeje! I hope Magic Mike raises his star, but not so much that he stays bearding.[quote]Was attached to Taraji P. Yeah, they became unattached after Adam got in a fight with Mary J. Just because he's single and doesn't have kids doesn't mean anything.

I'm the guy who worked with him and saw him shirtless. I think people are really REACHING and wishing he was gay. There are some guys like him that just cant keep a woman. If he could not keep Melanie Fiona, who clearly went through a lot for him, then it must be Adam thats the problem.

In addition, a good friend of his from law school is paying thousands of dollars in child support for a kid he had with a one-night stand. Constant risk-seeking behavior - the high-flying D. I’ve learned a lot about women, although I still don’t understand them.”On romance – “My idea of a romantic time is when two people are focused just on each other. If he is gay, Im glad he's not dragging some girl around the media and fame-whoring it up. But it sounds like he would hit anything that wasnt moving.

My brother likes to fuck a lot of different, beautiful women and doesn't want a child with a woman he isn't in a serious relationship with (for financial and emotional reasons). That could be at dinner, in bed, in the midst of mayhem, whenever.”On what he’s looking for in a woman – “Someone who is passionate, but has a good enough sense of humor to laugh with me after the passion has been exhausted.”"Two people are focused just on each other", "someone who is passionate". He probably just has a lot of friends that are black women.r93, check out r-31 on the Jason Behr thread. That poster sounds believable, and Ive always heard it was like that. David has always wanted to be the star of the show, and I guess the producers dont want them to be himbos, more than they are.

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Don't know Rodriguez's true orientation, but I do know many 35-plus, successful, HOT men who have no children. Yeah, I hate all the men who go on and on about being "trapped" into marriage by a pregnancy with a woman they hardly know.

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