Alexz johnson dating tim

So, there are no any details about his wedding, wife, girlfriend and as well as his dating histories.

He is, however, belief to have a gay celebrity but it has not proved to date, and he also has not spoken about it either.

To be honest i think that alexz is dating Tim but they are definatley not married because you can't kiss someone that much even if it is on a TV show and not have a real relationship with that person it would be too hard to be honest who ever wrote this, Tim and alex are just co-workers they don't even hang out . ithink they r cauze they way the act in instant star and all i think so if not that is a shame cause they make a good couple Actress Alexz Johnson is not dating actor Tim Rozon.

) Okay, moving on from the Jommy v Jade showdown, what is with Karma and Spied’s marriage?! ] Karma is just a no good b**ch who wants attention, and now that she’s married to the lead guitarist of the Spiederman Mind Explosion she’ll get all the attention she wants. She just makes me sick, what with the whole “I’m a virgin” thing in ep 302 and then pulling the “Boobgate”/ “Wardrobe Malfunction” on Jude.

Just before the season kicks off, Tim agreed to give us his prediction for Tommy’s future, and couldn’t help but wax romantical about The Ballad of Tommy and Jude.

But in spite being so prosperous and handsome, Rozon is still single due to his busy schedule.

Season 4 shooting schedule: Every two weeks, The OMDC (Goverment of Ontario) publishes a listing of productions shooting or about to shoot in and around Toronto.

The information provided is current as of April 13, 2007.

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