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Lula Naff is the woman behind shifting the Ryman Auditorium from a religious venue to the entertainment destination it is today.In observances of Women’s History Month, I thought what better way to show off Nashville, the Public Library, and women than by reintroducing this famous woman that many may not know about but whose existence helped to shape one of the city’s greatest event venues.Medieval records and disturbing archaeological finds are beginning to shed light on shocking rituals from our own past…Rituals that dated from hundreds of years before Bram Stoker ever imagined Dracula. This is a horror story far more visceral and far more frightening than any fiction writer could create. Archaeologist Ian Meadows is called to the site after the chance discovery of some bones.

She later worked as a stenographer for De Long Rice Lyceum Bureau of Johnson City.

She retired in 1955, having worked over fifty years with the Ryman, and died in 1960 at the age of 85.

During her career, Naff recruited a variety of musical performers, speakers, and actors to the Ryman, including: Want to learn more about Lula Naff?

No church is perfect, but I definitely love the pastor, and congregation.

I've never heard the pastor preach about "giving to the...

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In case I did miss a sermon whereas Truman did preach about "giving to the church", it would definitely have to be a rarity, and that is OK, because truthfully when you give to a church, you receive many blessings from God, and God's people need to know this. I've been attending this church for around 3 years.

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