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I am performing professionally [as a dancer] in a small amount of clothing some of the time, and even then I don’t really think about if some [hair] is showing — it’s fine.

I don’t feel a need to aesthetically reconfigure what’s going on there through surgery in order to confirm my femininity, I already relate to my parts that same way [a cis woman does]....A nationally representative 2016 study out of the University of California, San Francisco found that nearly 84 percent of the 3,316 women surveyed had groomed their pubic hair, and 62 percent had removed it all at least once.Shaving with a nonelectric razor was the most popular method of grooming, followed by trimming with scissors and shaving with an electric razor.I do my stomach; I do my pubic area; I do my legs, my ass, my arms, armpits.I only really feel a need to do that before engaging in some intimate times or something where I want to feel really sexy.

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