Accomodating lens replacement insurance payment

Apodization is the gradual tapering of the diffractive steps from the center to the outside edge of a lens to create a smooth transition of light between the distance, intermediate and near focal points.

Diffraction involves the bending or spreading of light to multiple focal points as it passes through the lens.

While virtually everyone implanted with a premium lens will experience significant improvement in their uncorrected vision after surgery, some people might not see 20/20 at all distances.

In some situations such as reading fine print in dim lighting, glasses will help.

If you choose to see well in the distance, reading glasses are necessary to see up close.

Standard lens implants provide excellent quality of vision and are a good choice for patients who will not mind wearing glasses after surgery for certain activities.

This technology has been FDA approved since the mid 1990s, enjoyed by millions of happy, satisfied patients.

Corrective eye wear may still be necessary for some activities, but the freedom from glasses and contact lenses is incredible.

Preoperative measurements to choose your lens implant are accurate to a hundredth of a millimeter, but the final visual outcomes may be affected by your healing process.

There are two categories of lens implants: standard and premium.

Standard lens implants correct for only one range of vision, either distance or near, but not both.

The center of Acry Sof Re STOR IOL consists of an apodized diffractive optic, maximizing your near vision.

Click here to read more about Re STOR® multifocal lenses.

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