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System requirements are considered in detail during A set of core technical activities of systems engineering, including the activities that are completed primarily in the front-end portion of the system design.

This consists of the definition of system requirements, the design of one or more logical and physical architectures, and analysis and selection between possible solution options.

Stakeholder needs are transformed into a defined set of Stakeholder Requirements, which may be documented in the form of a model, a document containing textual requirement statements or both.

Stakeholder requirements play major roles in systems engineering, as they: This topic describes the definition of stakeholder needs and requirements which involves the activities necessary to elicit and prioritize the needs of the stakeholder(s), and transform those needs into a set of defined stakeholder requirements.

For each stage, a list of all stakeholders having an interest in the future system must be identified. The engineering design of systems: Models and methods.

Figure 1 presents the cycle of needs as it can be deduced from Professor Shoji Shiba's and Professor Noriaki Kano's works and courses, and is adapted here for systems engineering (SE) purposes. As an example, a need or an expectation such as, to easily manoeuvre a car in order to park, will be transformed in a set of (1b) The stakeholder needs and requirements definition process identifies stakeholders, or stakeholder classes, involved with the system throughout its life cycle, and their needs.(ISO/IEC/IEEE,2015) to a statement such as, increase the driviability of the car, decrease the effort for handling, assist the piloting, protect the coachwork against shocks or scratch, etc.(1b) The stakeholder needs and requirements definition process identifies stakeholders, or stakeholder classes, involved with the system throughout its life cycle, and their needs.It analyzes and transforms these needs into a common set of stakeholder requirements that express the intended interaction the system will have with its operational environment and that are the reference against which each resulting operational capability is validated.

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Figure 1 shows the steps and the position of the stakeholder requirements and system requirements in the engineering cycle.

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