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He was ‘kind’ enough to wash my back and down my legs. But he did ask what my first impressions were of him.Then, as he got to my feet he said: “Oh, you have cankles.” Ummmm …In hindsight, I think I was in shock because I still went to dinner with him. Dinner was around the corner from his place, and we walked there and back. I'd chatted to this guy online, on the phone and text. I told him I couldn't tell him because I hadn't spent time with him. I'd made the effort to leave the house so I thought 'why not?He was acting weird, so I asked what was on his mind."I don't think I'm comfortable with you staying over tonight," he said. Our schedules were crazy, so it took a couple of months to meet up. ' After we exchanged our stories, I mentioned I didn't have kids (even though I'd told him before).I explained I had no intention of staying and said he should take a chill pill - we were only hanging out. He replied: "If I meet a woman who is over 40 and she doesn't have kids I think - 'why not, what's wrong with you?This is a bit personal but, hey, we’ve all been there. And I haven’t even finished telling you my story.”LIKE debrief Daily on Facebook.

Over 40 Singles South Africa is one of the biggest over 40 singles dating sites on the web.We know what we’re good at and it’s important to put these things on display.Our actions are created from the internal mechanism that manifests our feelings and emotions.Anytime we walk into a situation with these feelings, we’re going to act as though it’s a hassle and we’ll be stressed out.By simply shifting our angst to acceptance and crisis to calm, we immediately transition our thought process and allow ourselves to make conscious decisions on who we’d like to meet, where we can meet them, and what we truly want out of a prospective relationship.

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