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“My very first day using Match.com, I got a notification from my ex-husband after I had already attempted to block him,” said Kerry (not her real name).“Within the first few hours, I was actually trying to get a refund because I immediately felt uncomfortable.” Match, the dating app that offers “missed connections” —the ability to show you that someone you matched with also uses the same parking garage (creepy?Hers was one of 1,700 unanswered complaints that helped Match earn a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau last year.Other complaints have included not being transparent about its billing practices, receiving unwanted likes and comments from blocked users, and fake users.If you go out to a bar and meet someone that you don’t know, you should be careful.” Keen advice from a company that profits whether your date was the same person as their profile photo or not. Women learn quickly to walk home with keys gripped like a weapon.

A Facebook profile or phone number is required to open an account, after which you will be presented fairly quickly with a list of profiles to either “like” or “pass.” Similarly, other users will see you in their list of profiles.In 2016, users reported the app was matching people with underage users.In 2018, should an assaulter or stalker appear as a potential match, a user can indeed block them, but there is no way to search for them to proactively protect oneself.The only way to guarantee that someone’s profile won’t appear is if you’ve previously “matched” and one of you “unmatches” the other.According to Tinder’s FAQ page, unmatching is a permanent action, so you won’t be able to communicate with them ever again, and they won’t come up while you are on the app.

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In 2017, online dating became a $3 billion dollar industry.

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